Welcome to MsPlonk.com, an easy and fun way to buy wine online.

MsPlonk puts the enjoyment back into all things wine, moving away from the elite and uppity air associated with wine buying and drinking, and giving you a personalised wine experience.

Embrace the free spirit of our playful wines, and when you wish, slow it down and take it deeply seriously if that’s your thing, because we have serious wines too. With just a few clicks, our quality wines will arrive at your door. It’s really that easy.

Our wines are hand-picked – like a basket of fresh fruit – hidden gems, quietly discovered within the darker shadows of the mainstream, plucked carefully and thoughtfully by MsPlonk herself, and her wine friends.

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Mystery Boxes

Each mystery case contains a mixed case of six 750ml bottles, which vary from month to month, according to new discoveries made, themes, or different occasions, or no apparent reason/s to celebrate - giving you the opportunity to explore many varietals and brands.


MsPlonk offers three exciting price classes that will suit your budget

“Econowise” is for those who love good wine but don’t have too much to spend;
“Draadsitter” is the middle of the road category, for those with a bit more leeway; and, last, but certainly not least,
“Snob-supreme, The Connoisseur’s Dream” is aimed at those with a great palate for robust wines, possibly some years of wine experience, and a larger wine budget.



A budget-friendly monthly mystery case consisting of a mixed selection of six exciting
wines for R495. These are easy drinking wines that can be enjoyed any day of the week.



This is the middle ground between the premium and the budget-friendly package. A price-sensitive, but value-for-money range of wines which over deliver on quality, but won’t leave you penniless. Mingle with the wine snobs with confidence, and still get excellent, quality wine for your buck!
Mixed Mystery case is available for R720.



A premium and ultra-premium selection of wines. Outstanding quality, mostly hand-crafted boutique wines, perfect for the true connoisseur. These wines are ideal for impressing guests at a dinner party, or treating that special someone. Unique, serious, delicious and praiseworthy, indulge and honour your hard-working self with something truly spectacular. Mixed Mystery case R1650

Let the indulgence begin!

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